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King Prawns wrapped in Serrano ham (Langostinos con Jamon Serrano) and Mejillones con Ajo

20 Jul

This was todays very impromptu lunch.


We get these huge prawns that cost something like a euro a piece. After removing their heads, shells, and that veiny thing (guts) that run down their back I wrapped them in strips of Jamon Serrano. Streaky bacon would work just as well. We have a ton of rosemary growing in our garden so I used some of the branches (de-rosmaryed) as skewers. After that its just a case of cooking them on a barbecue. Really easy and really tasty. Theres a sweet ozoney crunch from the prawns followed by the crispy saltiness of the ham all finished off with a hint of rosemary from the natural flavouring of the skewer. 

I also bought a bag of mussels at the fish counter (a euro a kilo) so we had these as well. After preparing the mussels (scrub under a running tap, remove beards, throw away those open ones that won’t shut, soak in iced salted water for 90 mins), I sauteed (in local olive oil) a finely chopped onion with three sliced up cloves of garlic, added a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley until soft threw in a small glass of dry white wine, added the drained prepared mussels, and stuck the lid on the pan for 5 minutes (vigorously shaking the pan a few times). That’s all it takes for a deliciously fresh seafood lunch. My drink of choice today was a chilled (icy cold) bottled of San Miguel Selecta beer (6.2% abv). Music was provided by Little Feat. 


Time for another icy cold beer. Salud y buen provecho!